Business Building Advantages

Why Washington County?

A pro-business environment, access to global markets, pad-ready business park sites, robust infrastructure capacities, and a loyal & proud workforce positions Washington County, Virginia as an attractive location for business development and investment opportunities.

Our Competitive Advantages

Stable Business Operating Conditions

Washington County’s Machinery & Tools Tax Rate falls below the statewide average rate and remains unchanged for over 20 years. Real estate and tangible personal property tax rates also remain unchanged for over 7 years. Washington County is also amongst a handful of Virginia localities which do not levy a Merchant’s Capital or BPOL (Business License) tax. Under Virginia’s New Company Incentive program, qualified new businesses may benefit from opportunities for state corporate income tax exemption.

Access Advantages

A central east coast geographic location provides access to over 47% of the U.S. population within a day’s drive.  I-81, a major domestic north-south interstate highway traverses Washington County.  Three additional interstate junctions (I-26, I-77, and I-40) can be reached in 90 minutes or less.  Seven state capitals and the national capital region can be reached within a half-day’s drive of Washington County.

Publicly Owned, Ready-to-Go Business Parks

For companies seeking publicly owned greenfield sites, Washington County, VA business parks feature lighted and paved industrial access roads, and infrastructure in-place (including water, wastewater, natural gas, electricity, and high-speed telecommunications).  The County’s newest greenfield industrial park, Oak Park: Center for Business & Industry features multiple graded-pad lots ranging in size from 11 to 70 acres.

Talented, Experienced, and Dedicated Workforce

Washington County’s agricultural and Appalachian cultural heritage continues to positively influence its contemporary workforce. Drawing from a multi-state labor market, Washington County and regional workers exhibit strong work ethics and diverse technical skills which are adaptable and translatable across many different types of industries and occupations. 10 universities, colleges, and 2-year public community colleges located within an hour’s drive of Washington County provide access to numerous education and training opportunities which benefit emerging and existing workers.

Why Virginia?

Virginia consistently ranks amongst the nation’s leading states to do business.  Since 1938, the Commonwealth has received AAA ratings, and its below median corporate income tax rate of 6% has remained unchanged since 1972. 

# 50
Top state for business (CNBC)
# 50
Best Business Climate (Business Facilities)
# 50
Lowest Union Member Rates & Northernmost right-to-work state on the east coast
# 50
Best States for Business (Forbes)
+ 1000
Internationally-owned companies call Virginia Home